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We are here to help you search your previous Facebook posts as well as your friends.

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When you login, we will ask you for permission to read data from your personal profile and optionally from your friends.

Why not use the built in Facebook search?

The new Facebook search is great when it comes to finding out new things, search for friends, look for recommendations, however it lacks one thing. You can't search your own posts.

We've build this tool for people like you and me, and the best part of it is that it's FREE.

New feature! Now you can see a list of everything you ever liked on Facebook, including photos, albums, posts, videos, links. Scroll down for more details.

Simple, yet powerful

You have the power to customize your search...

A screenshot of the search bar

Have you ever been in the situation where you or your friend posted a cool link a few months ago and now you are scrolling up and down through your newsfeed and can't find it?

Now you can search for:

  • Posts within your newsfeed
  • Photos, Videos, Events, Notes
  • Limit results within specific date ranges
  • Posts search will be integrated within Facebook and rolled out gradually to all users

Open the results on Facebook

You can click View on Facebook link, which will open the original post on Facebook.

Search results image

Browse all your previous likes NEW

A new unique experience. You can view everything you've ever liked on Facebook on a single page.

Browse previous likes on facebook newsfeed example image

It's like your current news feed, except that you can take a tour back the memory lane and see everything that you have ever liked on Facebook. It includes photos, albums, videos, posts and links. We hope it might bring back some memories and smiles on your face .

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